Madame Efunroye Tinubu (Executive) Hardcopy


Madame Efunroye Tinubu Executive hardcopy is made of a hardcover. Smooth and easy to carry
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The Book “Madame Efunroye Tinubu” by Olayinka. F. Edu (Executive) Hardcopy Only

The book, Madame Tinubu: Heroine in the Midst of Heroes is a colourful, hard-binding novel in words and photos. It mirrors the life and times of Madame EfunroyeTinubu from birth to death. It reflects her struggles and battles in a male dominated world. Above all, the novel brings to fore her victories in the constant tussles of life. For lovers of history and culture, students of literature, history and indeed all students learning from life’s experiences, this book is a must read.

The woman is not asking for equity, for that will be almost impossible to achieve in a capitalist world. All she wants is to be considered and treated first as human before a consideration of her gender. Simply put, a woman’s gender does not totally define who she is, who she can be and what she is capable of doing. After all, Madame EfunroyeTinubu excelled against all odds in a male dominated world. If she did, every other courageous woman can.

Madame Efunroye Tinubu: Heroine in the Midst of Heroes is published by Platinum Entertainment
Distributed in Nigeria by Platinum Entertainment Nig.Ltd
Distributed in United States of America by Teewai-Gold LLC, USA


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